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How It Works

First Woah! to last Throw

Want to save your spot?

The fastest way to that first satisfying thud is by making a reservation. Click here for booking and pricing.
Although reservations are not required for smaller groups, they are suggested to help make certain you have a spot secured to quickly engage in the fun. This can be especially helpful during our busier times such as holidays and weekends.
Reservations can be made here on our website.

We encourage everyone to arrive 5 -10 minutes early, depending on group size.

Sharpen your skills and forge your form!

After signing a waiver our “Axe-pert” (coaches) get you in the swing of things with a short introduction to the world of axe throwing.

Our interactive coaches are dedicated to making sure you get the most of your experience by giving subtle, friendly helpful tips and tricks while you learn the ropes (or rather, axes).

Once you get a handle on axe throwing, the games get better. Throw freestyle or get competitive in different games such as Round Robin, Tic Tac Toe, Connect Four, old school Horse, and Countdown, to mix things up.


Pricing: Play more Pay less.

Lanes and coach may be shared based on group size


Prices via Online Reservations
$20 plus tax/per person per 1hr
$28 plus tax/per person per 1.5hr
$35 plus tax/per person per 2hr

Prices for Walk-Ins

$22 plus tax/per person per 1hr

$30 plus tax/per person per 1.5hr

$37 plus tax/per person per 2hr

Minors, ages 15 and under are $5 Each,

see our pricing page for additional info and requirements.

View our pricing page here

Interested in hosting a Private Party, Fundraiser or Corporate Event?

Private event bookings for the entire venue available upon request. With this option, you can to bring in your own catering, food, and beverages.

Our Firehouse can accommodate groups of up to 60 people.


A quick and easy quote request can be submitted here

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